1.6 Luka’s news

Zaiden’s day of started like any other he went for a jog at the park and saw his older Malcolm who had aged into an Elder. He was still upset that his mum had died a week ago.07-27-17_8:51:18 PM

He hated the fact that it had taken so long for them to finally know each other. He was 25 years old and she had died so suddenly. He had read about it in the newspaper. She had written to him but he was still hurt. Out of the three of her boys he looked the most like her and the only son she was in constant contact with was Malcolm. He was jealous of that but then he had Eliza who had raised him like her own.

07-27-17_8:51:31 PM

To top it off Eliza and his dad were keen for him to meet some Caiden had married Lucas and was happy. So as next oldest it was his turn. No pressure when the only person interested in him was the woman from the gym who was just weird. To cheer himself up he went to play chess with his friend’s kid.

07-27-17_9:02:03 PM

After Elliot left a beautiful woman came to play chess with him. They had a lovely time together and she asked for his number. Zaiden was pleased, finally someone he liked. He asked her about her family and she mentioned her husband Caleb Vatore. (Zaiden’s genuine reaction to finding this out).07-27-17_8:53:28 PM

He had to leave. Luka invited him out for drinks apparently he needed some help. At least he could help someone. He just knew that seeing his brother would cheer him up. He loved to help his younger siblings whenever he could. But what Zaiden didn’t realise was that Luka was about to drop a rather large bombshell.

Part Fifteen: Love or Pain

Sofia shouldn’t have looked, or even pried. She knew that Kaden painted. In fact Piper encouraged the skill as it help to earn the tribe money. But what Piper didn’t know was that Kaden had a secret stash of paintings of her. If the situation weren’t so sad and heart breaking, Sofia would have found it funny.

Piper said she had devised a new plan, but Sofia had enough of the waiting. She had to do something and that was why she was here. Standing outside her creators former tribe. Sofia hoped that for the first time in her life she could help someone she cared for. It had been an odd feeling for her but she realised that Piper had helped her, she had hated how her parents treated her so she acted out. 07-21-17_8:39:51 PM“What are you doing here?” a voice asked behind her. Sofia visibly shook with nerves. She needed to get a grip, be as strong as Piper was.07-21-17_8:43:55 PM

“I came to see you I want you to drop your threat to the tribe.”

“And why would I do that Sofia?” Susie asked.

“Well I think I have a better solution for an alliance. Why doesn’t Kaden breed with Piper? Then you would umm be related to the next possible heiress if they had a daughter. The umm next heiress could then breed with the next creators son from the Kari tribe so everyone gets what they want.”07-21-17_8:41:41 PM

‘Why should I do this? And why did Piper send you?”

“She doesn’t know I am here and Kaden doesn’t want to be sent away.”

07-21-17_8:42:31 PM“The idea of Kaden and Piper breeding is laughable. He always had a crush on her, she never noticed. I will agree to this on one condition you give your first born to my tribe.”

07-21-17_8:52:16 PM

Sofia gulped, she never planned on having children so she quickly agreed. After getting the new agreement written down she headed back to the tribal lands. She knew Piper would be angry but she wanted her and Kaden to be happy. That was all that mattered. All that she had to do now is to get Hanale to agree and it would be worth it.

1.3 Just a casual gym work out..

06-12-17_11:47:09 AM
Just a casual gym work out, until..
06-12-17_11:45:34 AM
You see the most gorgeous person in the room
06-12-17_11:48:04 AM
Then Lawrence  interrupts stopping you to say hi, and you lose your chance with her. Ultimate payback is when you really start to smell and need a shower. But you carry on regardless because he is your little brother who you haven’t seen in ages
06-12-17_11:50:19 AM
When you see your  big brother in a towel!                                                                       (BTW this woman in the red towel kept following them both around it was hilarious)


06-12-17_11:50:00 AM
Please put some clothes on Caiden! How much more embarrassed can he get?

1.2 Zaiden’s Family

So in the next few updates we will be seeing a lot of Zaiden’s family. I thought it would be best to introduce them to you beforehand. As it maybe confusing with who is who in brief pictures and captions. Be prepared he has a very large and complicate family tree!  Family tree.

Jaime Dove: Zaiden Father and original legacy founder

06-12-17_1:56:32 PM

Traits: Outgoing, Self Assured, Bookworm, Quick Learner

Aspiration: Computer Whiz

Jaime is a former playboy turned family man who ended up meeting the love of his life Eliza Pancakes when she became the boy’s nanny. A proud father of six he loves his children and will do anything for them. He has his own legacy which his oldest daughter Esme is set to inherit as she is his oldest daughter. Father and son have always been close except when he realised he could not be the heir to his father’s legacy.

Nancy Landgraab: Zaiden’s birth mother

06-12-17_10:14:01 PM

Traits: Snob, Materalistic, Ambitious, Business Savvy

Aspiration: Fabulously Wealthy

Zaiden was the product of a brief affair between Nancy and Jaime after she helped him win custody of his oldest child Caiden. She had hardly any involvement in her son’s life choosing to let his father raise him. Nancy gave him the land he now lives on out of guilt in her later years. Zaiden became close to her in the years after Geoffrey Landgraab died. He takes a lot after her in the looks department and wishes that he knew his half-brother Malcolm better.

Eliza Dove (formley Pancakes) Nanny turned wife to Jaime. Zaiden’s adoptive mother.

06-12-17_2:08:05 PM

Aspiration: Mansion Baron

Traits: Materialistic, Bussiness Savvy, Pefectionist, Neat

Eliza was hired by Jaime to care for his boys whilst he was at work. Zaiden and Eliza bonded well when he was a toddler, in the end she adopted him as her own after falling in love with Jaime. After her former husband Bob had an affair. She is the mother figure in Zaiden’s life and the person he goes to for advice. She went on to have three of her own children with Jaime: Lawrence, Luka (twins) and Esme. Eliza is the familie’s emotional rock and this became even more important when Jaime was abducted my aliens and had gave birth to his Megan. Now she is helping to raise Megan and holds the family together in her own unqiue way.

Caiden Dove- Oldest Child of and he is Zaiden’s older brother.

06-12-17_11:51:08 AMTraits:Lazy, Great Kisser, Collector, Creative, Outgoing

Aspiration: The Curator

Caiden was also a product of his father’s short relationship with . His father fought for custody of him and won. Zaiden and Caiden have rhyming names due to their father’s interesting sense of humour. Both boys were very close as they grew up, not having their mothers around much meant they spent a lot of time together. Caiden is the spitting image of his father and came out as gay as a teen. He is now happily married to Lucas Munch.

Lawrence Dove: Kaiden’s Brother and shadow.06-12-17_3:05:13 PMTraits: Goofball, Self Assured, Jealous, Home Turf, High Metabolism

Aspiration: City Native

Twin of Luka. Growing up Lawrence was a very book shy kid, close to his parents. He fails to understand his twin and has always been the quiet one. Respects Zaiden and until Megan came along he was Zaiden’s shadow. Aspires to be just like his older brothers.

Luka Dove: Brother and Town Playboy

06-12-17_3:05:53 PMTraits: Perfectionist, Active, Bookworm

Aspiration: Mansion Baron

Twin of Lawrence. Following in the footsteps of his father Luka is a major womaniser who is yet to have his own reality shock. He loves his family fearcley and although he doesn’t always understand his twin he loves him than anything.

Esme Dove (Teen) Sister

06-12-17_12:10:50 PM

Traits: Good, Bookworm, Collector

Aspiration: Angling Ace

Spitting image of her, Esme is the daughter of  Luka and wife Eliza Dove (formley Pancakes). Heir to her father’s legacy and Zaiden’s best friend. Esme is the second youngest sibling and much loved within the family. Although their is a large age gap between Esme and Zaiden they are very close as he helped his parents out with babysitting and raising her.

Megan Dove- Baby Sister06-12-17_2:12:20 PMTrait: Silly

Born as the result of her father’s abduction, Megan is the spoilt youngest child of the family. Although an alien herself, her father could not bare to send her back to Sixam. Adopted by her Eliza she is now the light of their elder years. She also happens to adore Zaiden, following him around whenever he visits.