1.8. Sadness and Loss

It had happened so unexpectedly and now he had to just carry on as normal. But how could he? Three hours ago he had been writing for work when Luka had stopped by. It wasn’t good news.

“Zaiden it’s mum and Dad they died in a car crash this morning.” Luka was in tears. “How do I tell the others? Today is .. birthday.”

“Wait what mum and dad are dead? How did you found out?” Zaiden thought Luka was telling him an awful joke.

“I was supposed to meet them and introduce them to Iris but they never showed. I rung their mobile and a doctor from Willow Creek General Hospital answered the phone. I can’t see them Zai, I went to the hospital and saw mum’s bag. I knew it was her. I came straight here. You…you always know what to do Zai.”

03-02-18_8:34:17 PM

The next hour moved fast for Zaiden and as he and his brother left his shack. He went back to the hospital and identified his parents. It finally hit him. Mum and Dad were gone. At least he had made Luka feel a little better. How was he going to tell Esme. It was her birthday and her party today. Everyone would be expecting them to arrive with Luka. Luka had always let Zaiden deal with the difficult things but today for once he didn’t want to be the strong one.

03-02-18_8:37:27 PM

When he arrived Esme looked so happy and so did everyone else. She was going to be an young adult and take over her father’s legacy. And he wouldn’t be here to ever watch.

Telling Esme and Caiden was the hardest thing he had to do. As soon as Caiden heard he walked away, he had been the closet to his father. Esme’s reaction surprised Zaiden she was clearly sad but insisted that they would have the party for Megan’s sake. His little sister was growing up right in front of him and if today wasn’t so sad he would have been so proud. Zaiden had to pull himself together for Megan his darling baby sister’s sake who won’t know until after the party.

03-02-18_8:42:57 PM

When he saw Megan he couldn’t help but hold her tight. Zaiden and his siblings were not going to let her down.03-02-18_8:40:30 PM

Lawerence was the last to be told. When Luka had mentioned it to him he had turned away in show. Megan rushed up to Luka wondering what was wrong with his twin.

“Lawrence is just upset that the cake isn’t ready yet Megs.” The party was rather subdued as the adults found it hard to celebrate. At least Esme’s boyfriend was there to comfort her (he is the blond guy). Luka’s newest flame had also come to support him.

Zaiden slit himself away from the party and sat in the living room. He had a few moments piece to eat and think. It was at this moment he realised how truly alone he was. His adopted mother’s words came back to him ‘Zai you are always part of my heart.”


A rather sad update. I loved Eliza and Jamie so much and so did Zaiden. It broke my heart to see them go. Their lives were so busy and if it hadn’t of been for Eliza Zaiden would have not been the lovely mn he is.

The Dove Legacy

The Dove Legacy: A Recap

It’s been several months since I have posted anything for the Dove Legacy. So I thought a Friend’s style recap would be in order.

What’s happened so far in the Dove Legacy:

Zaiden built a house or rather a shed!!

05-26-17_9:43:23 PM

Eliza was disappointed with Luka for not being part of his new daughters life.

10-15-17_9:57:37 PM

Zaiden could not catch a break, his parents wanted him to meet someone but his brother just liked to interrupt.

06-12-17_11:48:04 AM06-12-17_11:45:34 AM

Zaiden found out Luka had a daughter.

07-27-17_9:14:45 PM10-15-17_9:44:35 PM

Next Up on the Dove Legacy: Zaiden makes a choice.

07-27-17_9:08:05 PM


I hope you guys enjoyed this and I can’t wait to share what happens next!!


I am back from hiatus!!

Its been a crazy four months in my personal life. I had a death in my family which wa shard to deal with but hopefully now I will be back regularly posting. I will be back posting on Sunday. I have decided to just focus for now the Dove Legacy. So the Rain tribe will be on hold for now. I was previously in the middle of the casting call so I will announce the final result in a post. As I can’t seem to find the last piece of footage.

And just to say…valentines-day-card-1086467_960_720


The Dove Legacy

1.7 Eliza’s Worries: Zaiden to the rescue?

Hi everyone! I am back with my nex post. Sorry for being away so long but I had a dissertation to hand in then a holiday so everything has been a bit mad. Now the Dove legacy is back and so will be the second half of my spouse reveal!


Luka was the family’s playboy. He took after his dad in more ways than one. His mum just wanted him to listen her. She would always wait to hear what he was going to do next. Eliza never thought that she would have children, her and Bob had discussed it but he had always told her no. So to save her marriage she had not have any. When she began to nanny for Jaime her world changed. Zaiden practically followed her around and he would cry himself to sleep when she wasn’t there. It broke her.

10-15-17_9:57:37 PM

Bob hated the amount of time she spent with the boys. It was good pay, and gave her happiness. That’s when Bob found a new lady friend and he started to cheat on her. She had been so upset, but Jaime saved her. He offered her a place to live if she needed it and so she divorced Bob. Moving on with her new life, falling in love with Jaime  was unxpected.  Three children and an alien baby later she was finally herself. After she lost Jaime she had no idea what to do and his children safed her again. Eliza’s still missed him more than anything and knew that he would have had words with his youngest son. She just needed him and now he would not see his newest grandchild.

06-12-17_1:56:32 PM
RIP Jaime!

She adored all six of her children but she always had her favourites. Luka had been so charming as a toddler, even more so as a teen and now a short time of moving out he had got a random woman pregnant. She couldn’t understand it, her own son. It was different with Jaime. His children had turned his life around, he loved his boys and married her never looking back. Luka wanted nothing to do with his beautiful child, she couldn’t understand it.

10-15-17_9:44:35 PM
Little Iris, Luka’s daughter with her mother!

But he wanted nothing to do with her grand baby. His own daughter would be born without him. She was determined to get him to listen. That’s why she had sent him to Zaiden. He had this way with all of his siblings, and she was so proud of him. He was her first baby, Caiden saw his mother so he tolerated Eliza. But she knew Zaiden viewed her as his mother that’s why she adopted him, Zai just had to get him to listen. If he could just help Luka she would love him forever, plus she could see her grand baby and she was beyond excited about it.

06-12-17_3:05:53 PM



Next post will be up next week!

The Dove Legacy

1.6 Luka’s news

Zaiden’s day of started like any other he went for a jog at the park and saw his older Malcolm who had aged into an Elder. He was still upset that his mum had died a week ago.07-27-17_8:51:18 PM

He hated the fact that it had taken so long for them to finally know each other. He was 25 years old and she had died so suddenly. He had read about it in the newspaper. She had written to him but he was still hurt. Out of the three of her boys he looked the most like her and the only son she was in constant contact with was Malcolm. He was jealous of that but then he had Eliza who had raised him like her own.

07-27-17_8:51:31 PM

To top it off Eliza and his dad were keen for him to meet some Caiden had married Lucas and was happy. So as next oldest it was his turn. No pressure when the only person interested in him was the woman from the gym who was just weird. To cheer himself up he went to play chess with his friend’s kid.

07-27-17_9:02:03 PM

After Elliot left a beautiful woman came to play chess with him. They had a lovely time together and she asked for his number. Zaiden was pleased, finally someone he liked. He asked her about her family and she mentioned her husband Caleb Vatore. (Zaiden’s genuine reaction to finding this out).07-27-17_8:53:28 PM

He had to leave. Luka invited him out for drinks apparently he needed some help. At least he could help someone. He just knew that seeing his brother would cheer him up. He loved to help his younger siblings whenever he could. But what Zaiden didn’t realise was that Luka was about to drop a rather large bombshell.


Part Fifteen: Love or Pain

Sofia shouldn’t have looked, or even pried. She knew that Kaden painted. In fact Piper encouraged the skill as it help to earn the tribe money. But what Piper didn’t know was that Kaden had a secret stash of paintings of her. If the situation weren’t so sad and heart breaking, Sofia would have found it funny.

Piper said she had devised a new plan, but Sofia had enough of the waiting. She had to do something and that was why she was here. Standing outside her creators former tribe. Sofia hoped that for the first time in her life she could help someone she cared for. It had been an odd feeling for her but she realised that Piper had helped her, she had hated how her parents treated her so she acted out. 07-21-17_8:39:51 PM“What are you doing here?” a voice asked behind her. Sofia visibly shook with nerves. She needed to get a grip, be as strong as Piper was.07-21-17_8:43:55 PM

“I came to see you I want you to drop your threat to the tribe.”

“And why would I do that Sofia?” Susie asked.

“Well I think I have a better solution for an alliance. Why doesn’t Kaden breed with Piper? Then you would umm be related to the next possible heiress if they had a daughter. The umm next heiress could then breed with the next creators son from the Kari tribe so everyone gets what they want.”07-21-17_8:41:41 PM

‘Why should I do this? And why did Piper send you?”

“She doesn’t know I am here and Kaden doesn’t want to be sent away.”

07-21-17_8:42:31 PM“The idea of Kaden and Piper breeding is laughable. He always had a crush on her, she never noticed. I will agree to this on one condition you give your first born to my tribe.”

07-21-17_8:52:16 PM

Sofia gulped, she never planned on having children so she quickly agreed. After getting the new agreement written down she headed back to the tribal lands. She knew Piper would be angry but she wanted her and Kaden to be happy. That was all that mattered. All that she had to do now is to get Hanale to agree and it would be worth it.